Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More fallout from the Yasukuni visit?

One of the opponents of Koizumi's visit today is a member of his LDP (Liberal Democratic Party), Mr. Kato. (I do not recall his first name.) A house in which his mother was staying was burned tonight. Fortunately, his mother was out for a walk at the time. A 63 year-old man with stomach wounds was found outside of the house and was taken to the hospital---so far he is unable to speak because of the seriousness of the wounds.

Is it possible that this guy is a right-wing loony-bird who objected to Kato's opposition to the Yasukuni visit and he decided to burn Kato's house down and commit suicide as a protest? This is the way things were done in the past in Japan (prior to the war) and is still possible, especially among the extremist right-wing emperor worshippers whom many believe that Koizumi is visiting the shrine to please. We will see as the story develops, I guess.

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