Monday, August 07, 2006


turns out to be positive for doping for both the A and B samples. The thing that started me believing that he was likely guilty was the finding of testosterone from an outside source in the sample. That is pretty hard to explain away.

It will be interesting to hear his defense, but it'll have to be good. Like almost everyone caught, he will deny and deny it.

It's a real shame. I thought this year's Tour de France was really good. I thought his performance on stage 17 was one of the best in the Tour's history. Now, it may all have been a big fraud. I think I will just not bother anymore with procycling. They may not have any more dopers than any other sport, but when the biggest event of the year is invalidated because of dopers, and every champion is accused of being one, who wants to watch it? WADA and UCI don't follow their own rules then try to enforce rule on the athletes. (The test results should have never been released, before both samples showed a positive. His reputation was permantly damaged as soon as the A sample results were leaked/announced. Tried in the press.)It's more like a giant soap opera. A clown show. I'll just try to race here in amateur events---as tough as they are to get to---when I get a chance, and train and ride just for the fun of it. Always more fun to play a sport than watch someone else do it anyway.

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