Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rainy Season Finally Over?

Maybe. After a few years of a very light rainy season---at least in the Tokyo area---it seems to be ending. (I know they have been light recently, because I keep a record of the temperature in my cycling training journal.)

The good thing is that it will stop raining, except for the typhoons which will start soon. The bad thing is that it becomes extremely hot and humid. It doesn't cool down at night, at least in the Tokyo area, because of the heat island effect.

This will mean 24 hours a day of AC use when we are home. Either that, or stay awake all night trying to imagine being cool. I once had a student with no AC who would get on the JR Yamamote line which encircles central Tokyo, and ride it around for hours while studying. Some people thought he was nuts, but it was a pretty good idea. He only had to buy the cheapest ticket to the next station and could then ride for as long as he wanted. Now, most just go to Starbucks and sit all day with a small coffee.

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