Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4th

A US holiday, and I unexpectedly have it off except for a Japanese class. I wish I could be in the States for a picnic. I especially wish I could be home where we would have a barbecue....hotdogs and hamburger and fresh vegetables from the garden. Those are the things I miss most (other than the people, open, direct---relatively speaking---honesty, and good manners among most people in general. Not only when you are dealing with someone. At least where I am from that is the case. I hope.)

In fact, I have 4 days off this week. One of my students left for the US for a year, others have canceled this week for various reasons. So I basically have my own company classes and class for the company II take contracts with.

No much money to be made, and I should use the time to recruit more students/companies, but I'll take the time off.

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