Friday, July 14, 2006

Mmmm Fat

Everyone believes that Japanese food is very healthy. Most of it seems to be, but some is pure fat. Japanese beef makes you wanna ask if they provide any meat with the fat. It has to be over 50% marbled fat---you cannot trim it.

I just bought "low fat" milk. 3% fat. That is whole milk most other places, but here they sell milk with 3.7% and more. Packed ramen has a lot of fat, as well as high sodium.

I don't know many people here who have much knowledge about fat, saturated vs unsaturated, or anything else. More and more food products are coming with nutritional labels and it is surprising.

Heart disease is increasing here, as is obesity (though nothing like the unbelievable obesity one sees in some Americans). I suppose it is the high consumption of seafood, and the relative slimness and less gluttony that keeps heart attacks below that of the US. I suspect it won't continue that way.

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