Monday, July 17, 2006


And how nice not to work. I may be going to start more company classes at my part-time job. Private students are nice to have, but frankly, it is a lot of extra work and no extra pay. I believe I will stick with locking for company classes on my own, and accepting courses from my company. More profitable that way---at least more consistently so.

Anyway, I don't have to care until possibly tomorrow evening when one of my long-term private students may be able to take a lesson. She has a new job---as a teacher, including as an English teacher---and has much less time to take lessons with our current schedule.

Things are also so much better since we moved to our new place, which is very big by Japanese standards and reasonable by American.

But it is more Japanese study today if I am gonna have any shot at passing the test this year. (The test is for motivation---not for building fluency. It is a written test, after all.)

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