Friday, April 21, 2006


Recently, I have been seeing a lot of yakuza in the Ooimachi area. Accroding to some locals, they often meet at a restaurant there. Of course there are a few soapland (basically prostitution sevices) in the area.

There are those who claim that non-Japanese are largely responsible for the increase in crime in Japan. Just the slightest research shows this not to be the case, but it fits in with the traditional Japanese belief that Japan is pure and outsiders are responsible for damaging that purity. The Japanese, you see, rarely commit crimes on their own. And who could believe that any Japanese is responsible for crime in other countries? Only foreigners in Japan are criminals. Japanese who are foreigners in other countries are not. (Of course, we must not forget that when many Japanese go to other countries, they call the citizens of that country "gaijin" which as I have shown is a racist---or at least racialist---term for foreigner. So perhaps the Japanese believe that they are never the foreigner. It's everyone else.)

Well, unfortunately, the yakuza---and the very closely connected right-wing---is deeply involved in crime here (no problem, I guess, since the police seem to be a bit easy on them and other Japanese punks unless it is time for a big show) as well as overseas. They have been involved in crime in Hawaii for decades, as well as in sexual slavery in Japan. The women used for this are non-Japanese most often, but not exclusively, from southeast Asia.

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