Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Another Dangerous Foreign Thug Busted

The Japanese "police" (again, my apologies to professional law enforcement officers. I call the Japanese version "police officers" in jest) have arrested an evil, dastardly non-Japanese who threatened the security of the "pure" Japanese. Below is part of an article from correspondent Kjeld Duits' excellent Japan news blog. You can read the rest of it and many more at http://www.ikjeld.com

Japanese Police Arrests Thai Woman Abused by Japanese Husband

Kjeld Duits, Thursday, March 23, 2006 Posted: 11:36 PM JST

A Thai woman who was abused by her Japanese husband has been arrested by the Japanese police because her visa has expired, TBS' News 23 reported today. The woman experienced terrible abuse and was even threatened with a kitchen knife. The abuse was both physical and psychological. Her husband for example compared her with vermin in front of their child. She was eventually able to escape to a shelter and sued her husband for domestic abuse. But as she was sorting out her domestic problems, her visa, which needs to be extended every three years, expired....

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