Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's New Recruit Season

Most companies are getting their new hires from college now. I was talking with a guy about the stuffy trains as the weather begins to warm. Since the AC and ventilation in trains and subways, and most buildings remain off, it is becoming quite uncomfortable with the stale, humid, smelly air. This is especially true in crowded trains. In fact, some frankly stink of sweaty people in the early morning. He told me that a lot of this is the new hires who have not learned proper bathing yet.

I wouldn't be at all surprised---companies have to teach them nearly everything. One would assume a college grad would at least know to bathe, but apparently not. This of course could be because, according to nihonjinron nonsense, the Japanese have little or no BO. (I actually saw this printed in an article in the New York Times last year, and it was NOT written by a Japanese.)

Apparently, the guy I was talking to didn't understand Japan since he claimed that the new hires--who are pure, BO-less Japanese---basically stunk. Strangely enough, he was Japanese, not a stupid foreigner who couldn't understand the pure Japanese.

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