Sunday, April 23, 2006

Things that I miss about home

I have lived in several cities states in the US, WVa, Washington state, Washington DC, NYC, Great Falls, Montana (my absolute favorite), and Texas (my least favorite with the possible exception of DC). Tokyo has its good points and can compare with NYC in some ways, but it is hard to find anything within a reasonable distance of Tokyo that compares with Montana.
  • I miss 4 real, clearly distinct seasons, especially winter.
  • I miss clean air---air that I can't see. I miss forests and especially wildlife. I miss the camping, hunting, and all those outdoor activities that are difficult or impossible here.
  • I miss wild, quiet places that aren't full of noisy humans. (City people are usually noisy in the woods and then wonder why they can't see any animals, but from my experience, a group of singing, laughing, shouting Japanese outdo most people in the States.
  • I don't miss cars at all, but I do miss going to work in reasonable comfort without some stranger who hasn't bathed, brushed his/her teeth, used deodorant and drank sake and ate a ton of garlic the night before, and who has a cold and is coughing and sneezing all over me and everyone else. On second thought, I do miss cars. I could throw that kind of slob out. At high speed.
  • Honest opinions. Rational debate---although that isn't always a given.

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