Friday, November 05, 2010

Senkaku collision video

From Japanese patrol point of view. Collision at about 1:20:

More distant view from second ship:

Hmmm...who is fibbing? Not hard to tell from those videos.

More at Japan Probe

A word of warning: It has been reported that the government did not want these videos released as they might cast doubt on China's version of the incident, thereby making China look bad and causing a pissy fit. Thus it is possible that these videos could be removed from Youtube in order to prevent them to falling into civilian hands. Foreign policy is for bureaucrats, politicians, and experts, not for armchair amateurs. What would happen if a bunch of non-professionals had been handling the Senkaku dispute in the beginning? You might have had some local yokel (supposedly) deciding on his own to release the arrested ship captain or something.

Therefore, under no circumstances should anyone download these videos using readily available free software such as Download Helper for Firefox or similar and save it to their computer. It would be undemocratic.


  1. jamesmallon7:01 PM

    Wait for all the Chinese nationalist nutters to comment...

  2. I am sure they have started. The right wing nutters here will join in as well. Excellent all around handling of the whole affair by the gov't.

  3. Jobi-Wan Kenobi11:04 PM

    I like the idea that the LDP came to a secret agreement regarding the islands with China and simply "forgot" to tell the new guys when they came to power:

    I don't know how much faith to put into the story but heck, it's the LDP so I'll go along with it.

  4. A belated thanks for that link---quite interesting.