Friday, November 05, 2010

Another Youtube Senkaku collision video source (six part) in addition to previous post:
5/6 (Collision here)


  1. Jeffrey7:18 AM

    Glad to finally see these.

    While it is clear in video 5 of 6 that you posted here that the Chinese "fishing" vessel did turn to the left towards the Japanese CG vessel, we can't know whether the Japanese CG vessel was steaming straight or whether it had turned to the right. Unless aerial footage exists, I don't think we can know definitively whether or not the fault lies with both pilots playing a game of chicken.

  2. In video 6 (although the video is not very clear) it appears that the Japanese ship is holding a straight, steady course (until just after the impact when it turned left) and the Chinese ship turned into them. That plus one of the Japanese crew yelling "stop, stop" (ooi! tamare!, ooi! tamare!) before impact and the whole incident with the Chinese vessel ignoring all orders is pretty persuasive, but were it to be challenged in court, more evidence would be needed.

    As you can imagine, they have dissected these on all the news programs over and over and in every little detail, and it would take an awfully convincing alternative explanation from the Chinese captain counter claims that he hit the Japanese vessel.

    Still, I am sure we will hear attempts from the Chinese to counter those claims...

  3. Of course the news shows I have watched have been decidedly one-sided...

  4. I have since learned that the Japanese ship actually turned right after the collision or else it would have hit the Chinese vessel with its stern. There is another clearer video that has been shown on TV.