Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What would Tyler Brule do?

It was so hot today that I actually canceled even a one-hour cycling workout along the Tamagawa in spite of having the time. Naturally, canceling a ride or any type of workout for any reason is cause for near depression, fears of gaining 5-15 pounds, and losing months of physical conditioning by the next morning. In such an emergency, I often find myself wondering what Tyler Brule would do. Luckily for me and the rest of the world, I found the answer.

Tyler, the continent hopping dilettante and apparent gazillionaire, graciously provided "The Fast Lane Guide to Doing Business Without Breaking a Sweat” in his Financial Times column. Although he did not mention wearing a blazer with short pants to a meeting in Tokyo like he did a few years ago, he suggests "showing a bit of leg," Gatsby Ice Type facial wipes, a folding fan, and something known as a "Tokyo hat" which has additional benefits "if worn at the right angle." "Cold thoughts of swimming in the Baltic" may help too.

What has me concerned is that I already do some of those things.

I do not know how to make the diacritical marks (with a Mac) that Brule uses on his last name. I suppose I should learn, but for now I will be satisfied with the fact that I have learned that the correct name for those are "diacritical marks."


  1. Armchair Asia2:47 AM

    Tyler invented all those accent marks for his last name. So you are really not adding anything. However, if you really fell compelled, you need to cut and paste his name to get them to appear in blogspot.

    MORE important, any hint of your being like Tyler is enough to throw me back into the hospital. Facial wipes! OMG!! A fan? Someone should hit you with it.

    I strongly suggest getting out there hairy bare-chested in the tightest biking shorts you have and bike! Sweat real Western manly sweat. BTW first do not shave for a few days, so your beard begins to show. Then post picture...

  2. If nothing else, that would get people out of my way, but my luck it would also attract a few whom I did not want to attract. Those types already stand too close to me on the train every morning.

    I wonder if I put all those marks on my name if I can get a job like his?

  3. Oh, let me assure you that I have never used "Gatsby Ice Type" facial wipes.

  4. Jeffrey3:26 AM

    I'm a subscriber to the Financial Times and have looked at Monocle a couple times. Like the Miss Monepenny columns in the FT (she once worked in Tokyo), Brule's columns seem to bounce back and forth from amusing and informative to "what a prat."

    On the whole, I find it very difficult to take him seriously. It's easy to be an air carrier/airport/hotel snob when you obviously don't really need to work for a living.