Friday, August 27, 2010

Show Ozawa n' Loopy how you feel

When I first saw this on suddenly addictive Twitter by a Japanese reporter, I thought that it was a joke, but I guess not:

The Sept. 14 election, the DPJ's first major presidential race since 2002, will be open not only to Diet lawmakers but also to regional assembly members and the estimated 350,000 registered party members across the nation.

DPJ regulations allow anyone who is 18 or older to become a member of the party,....
....[including] foreigners living in Japan. Japan Times.

There is, according to the article, some question about the legality.

I doubt votes by foreigners would be sufficient to have any effect, but it might make one feel better.


  1. Thanks for the heads up...time to become a fully paid up member of the DPJ 'Bring a Bottle' Party. Hope the bouncers let this disliked Brit through the doors though...

  2. Better hurry. when someone realizes that the foreign riffraff can get in, they may rescind the invitation.