Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ozawa to the rescue

NHK just reported that Ozawa will run against PM Kan for the head of the DPJ. The good news never ends.

12:10: Tell me it ain't so, Yukio. (in Japanese)

2PM: I must be the last to learn everything, even the NYT has the Ozawa story, the Japan Times recently added a report that included Loopy's involvment, and Some Fellow up in Abiko knew about it 5 hours ago. Need to pay more attention to Twitter.

2:55 Japan Real Time on Loopy Hatoyama's Latest Waffle. Obviously all this maneuvering has confused simple-minded Americans, even here.

Ever notice how bad the NYT's search is? It cannot even locate it's own stories unless you go into advanced search. I understand the NYT will start charging for its online news soon.


  1. For all the inane chatter and what-not, actually twitter makes a damn fine personal wire service or early warning system. I'm increasingly finding it's better than TV (not hard) and better than newspapers, sadly. Plus where else can you send rude messages to J-pols with a good chance they will read them?

  2. So I have belatedly discovered.