Saturday, April 24, 2010

Speaking of incompetents and language study, nobody could ever make the claim that those big eikaiwa chain schools were managed by a bunch of nitwits:

In its attempt to catch Nova, Geos expanded rapidly only to be caught high and dry by the plunge in student enrollment after Nova imploded, and was probably unable to trim unprofitable branches fast enough, Sakurabayashi said. Japan Times

I once worked for an eikaiwa chain whose name I shall never utter, but they run a sideshow side business of very poor travel guides and quicky language books. They often had problems with remembering that most folks expected to be paid as per contract for services rendered. Also had trouble understanding that the contract applied to them as well as the employees.

I worked at a newly
opened branch in a business district in Yokohama. Great idea, except that a major target was children. Everyone, including the students, kept wondering why anyone would open a school aimed at children in the middle of a business district. I was assured by the manager that he had personally "seen the numbers" and they looked great!!* The branch closed within 1.5 years. I ended my career with the big B shortly thereafter.

I had to spend the next 2 years shoveling horse manure just to get my dignity back.

*Anyone who has worked at B%&$ or studied there since about 2003 knows that the word "great" is the most important and most frequently used word in the English language. The in-house written comic books texts managed to work it into about every dialog when they weren't insisting that students had to learn some long, weird, out-of-the-blue phrase that no sober native speaker would ever use.

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