Friday, April 02, 2010

Deep thinking

I can't just let well enough alone. Anyway, during my break I have been pondering the question: Why do people have eyes in front of their heads? I live in a city where having eyes placed in such a location seems to be an inconvenience since nobody ever actually looks forward, whether walking, riding on a bicycle, or whatever. Will evolution in time move people's eyes in a position---say on the chin---so that they may look at their feet or their keitai (cell phone) while in motion? Perhaps on the side of their head so that they may look to the side, or on the top so that they may observe the clouds---anything but watch where the hell they are going.

On an unrelated topic:

Now back to the loony bin.

*A wink across the Potomac for (inadvertently) introducing this video to me a few months ago.

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