Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ozawa's secretary busted?

Conspiracy theory material. Just caught the last part of a news report that the head accountant of Ozawa's fund-raising organization has been arrested on suspicion of receiving illegal campaign contributions from a company called Zenecon Nishimatsu (1150pm: Zenecon means "general contractor." So obvious, I should have known. ) An explanation from Ozawa is being demanded by many politicians.

I can't find any English reports yet, but one in Japanese is at IBC News.

8pm update: At Bloomberg in English:

The probe may damage Ozawa’s bid to oust Prime Minister Taro Aso and end the Liberal Democratic Party’s almost unbroken half-century rule. The DPJ won control of the less-powerful Upper House in July 2007 and is favored to unseat the LDP in lower-house elections that must be called by September.

“This changes everything for the DPJ,” said Tokyo-based independent political analyst Minoru Morita.* “If Aso dissolves parliament immediately, the DPJ may lose the advantage it had over the LDP.”

*Hmmm...Do I know this guy, Morita?

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