Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My god, how blind I've been

Why did I not see this coming? The move against Ozawa and the DPJ? Minoru Morita wrote in his recent book Curing Japan's American Addiction, about a list of orders that the US gives the LDP every year, and I missed this obvious connection:

Aso went to the US last week to meet with Obama. This week Aso's (and the US'?) political opponent, Ichiro Ozawa is embarrassed by the arrest of one his aides for being involved in illegal contributions from a construction company. Let's look at this calmly and rationally. A occurs, then B occurs. Therefore, B is caused by A. Now why was Aso the first foreign leader invited to the US? Obviously so that Obama could hand him The List. On The List was an order to the Japanese government to move against the DPJ lest the DPJ gets into power and throws a wrench into the special US/Japan relationship.

I hope Mr. Morita is onto this and digging up material for his next publication.

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