Sunday, March 29, 2009

Aho comes up with new stimulus plan

Prime Minister Taro Aso said Saturday the government might make substantial cuts in the gift and inheritance taxes..."(The government) will study reducing the tax by designating a period of years in which the elderly can give their money to their sons and grandchildren to buy houses and cars," Aso said.

Yea. That'll work in time for this recession. A newer, wimpier form of trickle down. Unfortunately, Taro is about 30 years late with that idea. Wait...isn't he from a wealthy family? Aren't wealthy families who have enough assets (land, especially) to pay large inheritance taxes gonna get the most benefit from this plan? The guy may not have a brain, but he's sure got gonads.

the prime minister said the money would not be used unless passed from the elderly to the younger generation...

Why not? Gonna take it with them to the grave? He may have a point though. Fellows like him in the government could get it and spend it on the annual rerouting of the Tama River---for economic stimulus, of course.

All quotes from the Japan Times here.

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