Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rightwing nutjobs go ballistic

An Australian journalist wrote a book supposedly exposing some of the details, good and bad of Princess Masako's life in the Imperial family. The book isn't said to be very good, in fact it is more or less a regurgitation of things found in the press, or speculation, according to some of the reviews I have read.

However, since he had touched on the Imperial Family in a less than worshipful way, it has agered the right wing extremists, who as is their usual way of handling these things, have threatened violence toward the publisher and author. Naturally, one can expect the Japanese authorites to take action against these thugs. AHAHAHAHA. Just joking.

"I have had death threats. They were saying things like, 'Die white pork!' They were quite racist,"

Hills' biography has ....drawn the ire of the Japanese government...

The new publisher reported:

"Just now, two black cars with ultranationalistic slogans on them are parking (next to) the building where my company address is. They are shouting hysterically, 'Stop the publication of Princess Masako' with huge loudspeakers," the e-mail said.

"Policemen are just watching them and let them do as much as they want to do. This is how your book is getting more and more popular in Japan before being published," Kitagawa said. From The Japan Times Online: 'Princess Masako' author, Tokyo publisher threatened

Racism in Japan? "Police" officers who do nothing? A government which not only allows this, but in effect supports and encourages it? Who'da thunk?

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