Thursday, August 02, 2007

Only Japan

has four seasons. I had to endure that---shall we say "horseshit"---again this evening when talking to a man and woman. Having had it with such Fujiwarian idiocy, I said, "But other countries have four seasons too."

Man: "Haha, yes but Japan's are very distinct."

Me: "They are very distinct where I come from too. In fact, much, much more distinct than in the Tokyo area."

Gal: "We have many seasonal foods."

Me, the non-Japanese idiot: "Ah, but so do many other countries." Even in the US if you eat traditional food. (Not restaurant or packaged processed stuff.)

Gal "Mmmmm. But we have many different types of scenery in the seasons."

Baka Gaijin me: Oh, you mean like leaves that change colors, snow, mountains, beaches.."

Gal: "Yes."

Troublesome, evil foreigner who studied typing in English class instead of spelling: Doesn't the US have that?"

Gal: "Haha." Starts thinking of more nonsense. Refuses to give up as it is a known fact that Japan's seasons are different and better than anywhere else on earth.

I guess Fujiwara Masahiko-chan would say that the problem is that logic does not work, especially in Japan. One could make many arguments and provide tons of facts and evidence showing that Japan does not have unique seasons, but to do so would simply prove that logic is invalid. Japan has the world's most unique and distinct four seasons because it does. It's that simple.

I cannot resist digging at these nihonjinron myths anymore. I won't win any arguments as I am arguing a religious belief. Don't ever say that the Japanese are not religious. They are some of the most religious fundamentalists on earth. The religion is Japan, Japaneseness: Nihonjinron.

われわれ 日本人! We are Japanese! (and you ain't so don't ever forget it!)

(I suppose US myths are just as irritating to immigrants in the US. All countries have their own and most folks believe them. Even people from other countries believe them too. Regardless, they are all myths. The USA is the freest country on earth specially blessed and chosen to lead by God. Canadians are all polite. Japanese is the world's safest country.)

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