Saturday, August 04, 2007

Japan's support for child abductions by Japanese parents

Japan is a haven for Japanese parents who kidnap children from non-Japanese spouses in defiance of court orders and child custody laws in foreign countries. (Abduction of a child by a parent is said not to be illegal here.)

Japan is the only first-world country which refuses to sign the Hague Treaty meant to protect children from international abduction. A short documentary film on this is on YouTube: Face the Truth. (Can't post it directly here as I cannot get my login to YouTube to work.)

Quote from the film: "Japan, the country of Japan stood up and stomped their feet and screamed 'North Koreans are bad.' They filed international Interpol arrest warrants against the abductors from North Korea. But what they neglected to tell anybody is that every year American children are abducted to Japan and protected by the Japanese government."

Most Japanese are likely not aware of this. One suspects few would support it.

The United States though says Japan deserves a seat on the UN Security Council.

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