Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Suspect acquitted in Lucy Blackman murder

No details yet, but the Japan Times Online has a bulletin which should be updated eventually as they get details. Lucy was a young British woman murdered in Japan about 6 years ago.

A related story at the JTO site by Jun Hongo and Eric Prideaux describes some of the problems/mistakes/incompetent screwups the Japanese "police" had during the investigation.

Asked by telephone about the report [a 2001 article in Time magazine which claimed that the police were reluctant to investigate a crime against a hostess because she was a hostess], a Tokyo Metropolitan Police spokesman refused to comment, because, he said, "Those events occurred in the past." (Japan Times Online.)

In the more recent murder of a young British woman (Lindsay Ann Hawker), the suspect is still at large after escaping barefoot from the police while being questioned and as his apartment either was being or was about to be searched.

In another related story from ABC News Online (Australia) the family of an Australian woman who died from drugs given to her by the suspect in the Blackman case (Obara) has urged a probe into Japanese police actions during the early part of the investigation:

"We'd like to know why when we went to the police, that our concerns and suspicions were ignored and laughed at," Ms Foster said... http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200704/s1905918.htm

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