Sunday, April 29, 2007

Not all have accepted Abe's nonsense

“He’s not taking any responsibility for the military putting us there — he makes it seem as if we just happened to be there,” said Jan Ruff O’Herne, 84, a Dutch woman who was forced to serve as a sex slave in Indonesia and testified about her experiences at a House panel recently.

“He hasn’t changed his tune at all,” Mrs. Ruff said of Mr. Abe’s Friday remarks in a phone interview from her home in Adelaide, Australia. “He used his words very carefully. He’s getting away with it, he thinks.” (Full article at the NYT)

However, George Bush has: “I accept the prime minister’s apology.” (NYT)

But Representative Mike Honda seems a bit reluctant to:

“We would like the Japanese government to offer the victims of sex slavery an official apology endorsed by the cabinet and passed by parliament,"...“Why should the president of the United States accept prime minister’s apology? He wasn’t a victim of sex slavery.” (NYT Bold added.) And some folks questions George's intelligence.

He (Honda) is, of course, deluding himself. Abe and Japan ain't gonna give anything like a clear, unambiguous apology. Why should it? Japan was a victim of the war. (I'm being sarcastic. I haven't been in Japan long enough to believe that yet.)

All quotes are from the New York Times article of today by Norimitsu Onishi, who has been writing some excellent articles on this subject since Abe first opened his mouth about it as prime minister.

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