Monday, April 02, 2007

Murder suspect still eluding the "police"

Tatsuya Ichihashi, (Ishihashi?)the suspect in the murder of Lindsay Hawker and who escaped barefoot from the law enforcement professionals as they searched his apartment has not been caught yet. Generally, there seems to be less coverage of this murder of a young British woman than one sees than there is if a foreign person murders (or commits some other violent crime) against a Japanese. Although I have not spent much time watching the government controlled NHK TV, when I have, I have not seen a single mention. I would assume there has been some there. On channel 6 and 10 in Tokyo, there has been coverage, and also on the morning shows. Often this will be in 3-5 minute blocks. I could be wrong, but I get the impression that in the cases of a Japanese victim, there is more that 3-5 minute blocks and NHK does cover it in detail too. (Channel 4 often slips and calls foreign suspects "gaijin" even though this word is not supposed to be used on TV or radio.) But I may be overly sensitive on this and I pay a lot of attention to it.

I have not looked at a Japanese language newspaper to see how it is being covered there, mainly because reading it is so difficult and takes a lot of time to understand. But, if I can find some articles short enough, I will do so to see if some internet rumors I have read are true and to find out exactly how his last name is spelled. I have seen, Ichihachi, Ishihashi, and Ichihashi. I never paid much attention to his name when watching TV. (Japanese newspapers often have two versions of a story, one in English for foreign residents, the other for Japanese. More than just the language used differs.)

I do know that the fine Japanese law enforcement professionals may be considering the possibility that the Japanese murderer may be in disguise. They suspect he may now be wearing shoes again. This could complicate their search.

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