Thursday, November 16, 2006

The U.S. to continue to play Uncle Sucker

To make sure we don't become isolationist (and to make sure we continue to provide highly discounted---nearly free---military protection for South Korea and the world's second largest economic power, Japan), and to ensure that we continue to work for free trade (open our markets while some others in the region, Japan in particular, do everything they can to keep theirs closed), George Bush warned that the U.S. must avoid any such isolationist tendency under the Democrat party's new congressional leadership. ( See the New York Times article.)

We must continue to fight wars in foreign countries and get more and more less financially well-off young Americans killed doing so. (You know, as in John Kerry's "joke," the ones who aren't wealthy enough to go to college without G.I. bill-type assistance.) And we must continue "free trade", even though such a thing does not really exist on this planet, while borrowing tons of money from those who export products but buy very few from us---Japan, China, and South Korea. Oh wait, we get real things and all they get are pieces of paper. Ask any free trade theorist. I remember when I used to believe in that stuff too. I used to be a religious believer too, until I figured out there was no real evidence that a god exists. When there is evidence that free trade actually exists, perhaps I'll believe in it again.

I wouldn't worry about the Democrats doing anything that will disturb "free trade" nor our military involvement in foreign countries. They never have before. It's just a lot of talk with at best; a little tweaking around the edges. Remember Bill Clinton' great victory over Japan and its refusal to allow U.S. auto makers equal access to the Japanese market in the mid-90s? Has to be the biggest joke ever in the name of free trade. No, the Democrats won't change anything except decreas the time needed to become corrupt from 5-10 years to a few days. ("Cleanest Congress in history" Nancy Pelosi and her support of "Abscam" John Murtha.)
FBI sting video of ABSCAM John.

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