Monday, November 13, 2006

Japan's view of immigrants

Most people know that Japan is not very accepting of people who want to immigrate here. There is still a strong prejudice against foreigners and those suspected of being descendants of "non-Japanese," 2nd or 3rd generation Koreans for example. Japan is still an insular, xenophobic society. This contributes to some of the huge problems some Japanese have with interacting with non-Japanese. I have seen full-grown adults shaking with fear in EFL classes because of myths and consciously promulgated falsehoods (by the government and media)about the dangers of foreign things/people.

Japan Focus has an article on the subject here. In the article, the author discusses the possible impact this ignorance will have on Japan's future future as it's population ages and dwindles. A few folks believe that Japan will have to truly open its doors to immigrants to address this. I am very skeptical that this will happen, but some believe it has to...

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