Monday, November 13, 2006

Autumn, maybe

Yesterday morning was the "coldest" so far this year in Tokyo. There is a tradition (according to some here) that the first strongly windy day in November marks the beginning of winter. I'll settle for the beginning of autumn.

However, there was actually a strong smell of winter weather in the morning. I can't describe it, but you'd know it if you live in an area with a winter.

I don't mind the beginning of winter. My favorite seasons are fall and winter. Spring follows and summer is last. Even though I am in Japan, I still celebrate Thanksgiving with a big turkey meal. Well, big is relative. I guess our turkey will weigh maybe 7 lbs. And that will cost about $20-25. I take the day off every year. This year, it falls on a Japanese holiday.

I have not worked on Christmas for years---I believe the last time was when I was still in the Air Force nearly 20 years ago. It is not a holiday in Japan, but I take it off. Berlitz actually gave most Christmas off with pay. I have to take it off now and give up the pay for that day. We still get to enjoy it and the long Japanese New Year break. Unfortunately, since my wife works for an American financial firm, she won't get many days off this year because it is the end of the year closing for them. But she will get comp time.

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