Friday, March 31, 2006

Foreign Minister Aso

He has been in the news a lot recently for bigoted comments, for basically supporting Japan's war crimes in WW2---well excusing and sugar-coating them. Interestingly, the US government, under Bush hasn't the balls to say anything. Well, it isn't only Bush, no US president has in years. We must keep our military in Japan at all costs, because (for one reason) we have to keep an eye on the Japanese government/military. While everyone, most especially the Japanese and their foreign ass-kissers, claim Japan will never go to war again, it doesn't seem that the US government fully believes that. Of course, at the same time, we are encouraging them to re-arm, not so that we may leave and mind our own business, but so that they may continue to do our bidding as much as possible.

Here is an interesting link on this nationalist bigot.

Yea, Japan is a peaceful country that truly regrets any inconveniences that it may have caused (due to the fault of others) in WW2.

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