Sunday, March 26, 2006

Apartment Hunting

We went looking at apartments today, always a disagreeable job. However, it wasn't so bad today. The apartments were ones that my wife's company has contracts with so we needed worry about the often encountered "We don't rent to foreigners" and other type of crap.

We looked at some in Jiyugaoka, Futakotamagawa, and Denenchofu. I liked Denenchofu the best, very quiet and upper-middle class. Actually some of it is very upper-class. (Yea, I know, Japan is mostly middle-class. Remember that and other Eddy O. Reishauer horse manure? How did they define middle class---nobody asked.) The problem is that there are a lot of burglaries in the area. In fact, as we walked through at about 1130 AM, a patrol cars was driving around warning people about burglars and preventing burglaries. In spite of the "Japan is the safest country in the world" myth, Tokyo has always had a high burglary rate, and it isn't the foreigners or the Chinese who are mainly responsible. It is, and always has been professional Japanese crooks, often after jewelry.

The photo is of a children's clothing store shaped like a giant strawberry. I thought it was a big tomato at Denenchofu. The other is of sakura (cherry) blossoms in Futakotamagawa.

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