Sunday, August 09, 2009

Oops. He can't say that!

Apparently, there have been some calls for Japan to ask the US to reject pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons. On the evening NHK TV news* Aso basically rejected the idea as unrealistic, and the head of the Social Democratic Party expressed her anger that LDP was not going to press the US to do such a thing.

Then, most embarrassingly, Kazuo Shii of the JCP gave his opinion saying that it was hypocritical of Japan to talk of controlling nukes when it was under the US nuclear umbrella.

Friggin' Commie.

*I listened to the English subchannel on NHK and I am going by their translation.


  1. Our Man has been searching for a good nuclear umbrella, but whenever he asks for one in the shops he just gets blank stares. Must be 'cause he is an alien.

  2. You might wanna hold off on getting one, Our Man. It comes with strings attached and you can never get rid of it even if you want to.