Sunday, August 02, 2009

Must have book!

For any future Japan explainer, this book seems a necessity. Haven't read it yet, and hell will likely freeze into a solid block of ice before I do, but I am sure it's a winner:

Why the Japanese are a Superior People
, by Boye Lafayette Demented De Mente

"In addition to such topics as emotions vs. reason, the “fuzzy” [holistic] thinking of the Japanese vs the linear thinking of other people, the diligence factor in Japanese behavior, and quality vs profit, De Mente identifies a long list of views and practices that distinguish the Japanese from left-brain oriented people — and are important for foreigners to know about."

Quality vs profit? Cool, without profit and market share in a non-rigged market, how can you keep quality up? Is the housing (and some other parts of the construction industry) an example of quality? Why the layoffs when profit is so far down the list? This book will explain all. (Hint for future success: Add vowels to your language.)

Gotta get in on this book-writing scam.

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