Friday, October 17, 2008

MangaMan explains why the markets dropped Thursday

Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso said Thursday the U.S. bank bailout is "insufficient" and is contributing to the renewed plunge in global stock markets.

"Since it was insufficient, the market is again falling sharply," Aso told lawmakers at the upper house budget committee in parliament. The committee was wrapping up talks on a supplementary budget aimed to help struggling small- and mid-sized firms amid an economic downturn. AP

There it is. Simple as that. MangaMan did not do the US the favor of explaining exactly what needs to be done as he had to hurry off to the comic book store.

Strangely, some fools in the US and elsewhere who may actually have some clue of what they are talking about have said that since banks are charging each other less for overnight loans that it indicates some easing of the credit crisis. Other imbeciles are saying that the most recent volitility is due to recession fears. All of these goofballs would be wrong. MangaMan knows the deal.

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