Friday, October 10, 2008

Finally, I can type again as my new keyboard arrived (and not without the usual trouble) this evening. As I watch the markets continue to tumble worldwide, I may need it to type out a suicide note. That may be more likely if I listen to the US election coverage and watch John McCain quickly go completely nuts. And if I listen to the LDP in Japan---which on the 7pm NHK news tonight had an old, old, politician (LDP?) talk about how any election should be delayed to keep the Japanese people from worrying about the economy*---I will not even bother with a suicide note.

I am kinda hoping to actually be able to vote though if the state of Washington could be bothered to send my ballot sometime before the end of the decade. Obama has basically won by default. He has pretty much kept his mouth shut as McCain has gone insane and has started running around like a rabid baboon with a hornet up his ass. Reminds me of the last crazy man we had running, Ross Perot.

*I listened to the simultaneous translation broadcast. The statement is the translator's version of what he said.

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