Friday, September 12, 2008

A younger guy whom I know, of about 30-35 years old, often talks about how women cannot do the same work as a man. We aren't talking physical labor either. They simply can't do it mentally or "spiritually" for lack of a better word. He works in a branch of a British company. He received his university degree in the US. He is an office manager. He will be quite upset to hear that:

Former prime minister Junichiro Koizumi has backed Yuriko Koike in her bid to become Japan's first female leader...

However, he will be reassured to learn that: analyst said the backing of the popular politician was unlikely to lift her to victory. (from Reuters as I hold my nose)

Despite that, I wonder if the LDP will succeed in distracting voters enough to remain in power.

It is kinda like wondering if US voters are dumb enough to be distracted by the McCain campaign's "lipstick on a pig" and other absurdities.

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