Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A brilliant LDP strategy?

Lots of theories about Fukuda's sudden and surprising (?) resignation going around. One that I heard which was attributed to some unnamed Japanese pundit is that the Fukuda decided to resign now to steal the spotlight from Ozawa and the DPJ later this month. According to this theory, the media and everyone else will be interested in the LDP leadership fight which will take the focus off of Ozawa's uncontested election as leader of the the DPJ. The new LDP prime minister will then call an election for October and use his/her popularity to defeat the DPJ. Although many folks are quite upset about Fukuda and the LDP right now, according to our pundit, they will have gotten over their anger by then.

A fresh Aso or Koike vs Admiral Ozawa. Maybe the LDP ain't dead yet.

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