Wednesday, October 31, 2007

PM Fukuda warns al Qaeda buddy Hatoyama

that by saying that he had a friend who has friends in al Qaeda, Hatoyama was speaking in "an inappropriate way without taking into account where he was." He did not mention that a member of the Japanese government who had such an association with al Qaeda members and had knowledge of terrorist bombings without informing anyone, might perhaps be an untrustworthy idiot or even a terrorist sympathizer. It is just wrong that he said it in public.

Fukuda probably knows that Hatoyama was simply trying to concoct a line of horse s**t in order to convince the foreign press that was interviewing him that the Bush-derived fingerprinting was a valuable tool to protect folks in Japan against them thar sneaky foreigners/terrorists. He likely knew that Hatoyama is just a rather stupid man who cannot even be counted on to make up a halfway believable lie.

Apparently, Hatoyama "thinks" that it is more dangerous to Japan to have unfingerprinted tourists/residents in the country than it is to have a Justice Minister who is connected to al Qaeda. About his friend's terrorist buddy, Hatoyama said:

"I have never met this person but up until two or three years ago he seems to have been visiting Japan so often,'' Hatoyama said through a translator at the Foreign Correspondents' Club yesterday. ``Every time this person enters Japan he uses different passports and moustaches and therefore customs officials are unable to recognize him. It is undesirable for security reasons that such people can enter Japan so easily.'' Full article here.

What if al Qaeda recruited a Japanese national? Say the al Qaeda member whose friend's buddy who is Japan's Justice Minister? Since the fingerprinting does not apply to Japanese, how effective would the law be? Don't worry, one suspects that Hatoyama would could not meet the minimum IQ standard for a terrorist. And there has never been a Japanese terrorist anyway.

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