Friday, October 19, 2007

"Japan Inc" is in good hands

From talking to the average Japanese, I sometimes get the sense that there is absolutely no understanding of even basic economics. I'm not talking Econ 101, that too high of a level of knowledge to even assume possible---at least from folks I have talked to. (Well, ok, I once worked at Berlitz and showed a Berlitz teacher Berlitz' annual report---when Berlitz still issued such reports---in which they had lost millions over the previous year. He said, "But it's a paper loss!" He often taught Berlitz "business English" courses. Bahahaha. He was from Chicago.)

However, don't worry. The folks at the Bank of Japan are especially sharp. At Ken Worsley's Japan Economy News there is a quote from the Financial Times in which one of the members of the BOJ, Ms. Miyako Suda, is reported to have warned that the BOJ should not delay too much in raising interest rates because she fears that the economy is in danger of overheating!!!

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