Friday, July 27, 2007

Rightist revisionist Aso after Abe

Foreign Minister Aso, who would be likely called a racist in Europe or North America (Remember his remarks of the dangers of a blue-eyed foreigner marrying in to the Japan Imperial family? Should be under one of the posts under the Aso label below).

I have long suspected that Aso will be the next nutjob in line for prime minister. The LDP is likely to lose the election this Sunday, which theoretically could influence Abe to resign---or perhaps quibble over the meaning of the word "loser."

Just a few other Aso "gaffes" (gaffe implies error, he is saying what he believes to constituents who have the same beliefs.):

[Aso] got Beijing's dander up last year when he described Taiwan as a "law-abiding country," a remark that came not long after he said colonial ruler Japan's compulsory education was a good thing for Taiwan....


...."even people with Alzheimer's disease can understand" that the price marked on Japanese rise [sic] is higher in China than in Japan...He later apologized. These are just a few minor examples. Quotes are from the Japan Times article:

I also recall him denying that his family mines used slave labor in WW2 although the folks involved have different recollections. (The article says he has "kept silent" on the issue.)

I am sure if the LDP loses the election, once aqgain we will here that it is the final nail in the LDP's coffin. It won't be even close to that. It's the sort of thing we've heard for years, even when the win in landslides. "Oh, the LDP won, but that just shows they are losing power. Their support among grannies with red shopping bags dropped by .01%---they are doomed!!!"

However, according to the Japan Times article, Aso would have to tone down his rightist rhetoric if he does get the job because of his lack of power in the party

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