Sunday, July 29, 2007

Insightful, intelligent US coverage of Japan

from the Washington Post.

It is really no wonder that Americans in the US in general don't know much about Japan. As we all know, international news coverage there is usually poor to horrible, but just as often non-existent. I wonder how we are supposed to believe their coverage on Iraq or other places when it is so poor in Japan where they have access and which has a stable government and is not in a war zone?

The Post occasionally will have a decent article, but today's is just trivial, shallow nonsense. The article covers fringe candidates in today's election, but in no depth. If one were reading it without much or any knowledge of Japan, it would only serve to make Japan seem to be a weird inscrutable alien country. This article was not published to inform people, but to entertain them. And they wonder why newspaper readership had decreased (not that TV news would do better. It would be even worse) and Americans have a distrust of the media. Full article is here.

Note that the Post recently got into a bit of a scandal after it published another deeply insightful, intelligent article on Hillary Clinton's cleavage which the Post insists was news. No surprise on the stubborn insistence that they are right and everyone else is wrong---and more or less stupid. Have they ever admitted error other than for a misspelling of a name, or an incorrect address? (Of course this little controversy benefits Hillary, so the whole thing is more or less a joke.)

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