Thursday, May 17, 2007

Today's news in Abe's Beautiful Country

Boy hacked off mother's arm as well as head.
Decapitated mother's arm put in a flower pot

2 Osaka restaurant workers arrested for raping customer

Boy, 3, left in "baby box" for newborns

As I write this, there is an incident on TV, apparently a shooting of some type.

18 May. The incident was just another shooting by a "ex" yakuza/rightwing type. Shot 2 of his kids and 2 police officers. I can see why Abe wants more gun control in a country in which handguns are already banned. Except those who want them can get them illegally. The yakuza has no problems and since they have a glut, I am sure their rightwing buddies can get them too. Make guns more illegal, it's better than actaully doing something. Story HERE.

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