Friday, May 25, 2007

Latest news flash

A 2 year old girl has been stabbed by a 29 year-old woman in Yokohama station. The woman was from Niigata and apparently may have been nuts. Well, anyone who stabs a 2 year-old is either nuts or a creature which should be removed from this world. The mother grabbed the girl and tried to fight off the violent felon with her free hand. The little girl is in serious condition with stab wounds to her back, but expected to survive. This is from the Channel 6 evening news. Mainichi Shimbun story here.

In another incident, a woman was stopped in her vehicle by the police and she bit an officer on the leg. Story here.

And from the newspaper (Mainichi): 90 year-old wheelchair-bound man busted for molesting women. Here.

Watch out for dangerous non-Japanese foreigners.

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