Sunday, July 17, 2005

Tour de France

Since the Tour is not broadcast on any Japanese TV station---except possibly one of the satellite channels, I have one again been following it on the internet. This year I have been able to listen to it live on

The first time I lived in Japan---Toyama City in 1991-92--I had to get most information via shortwave radio. What a difference the internet has made. I can get almost the same information about anything nearly as fast as I could when in the US. Even in the last year things have continued to improve---more audio is available, and even video is increasing. Can't wait until I can watch the Tour live even if I have to pay to do so. Unfortunately, many sites block people outside the country of origin from listening to or watching broadcasts.

Anyway, it's stage 15 tonight and Armstrong is still in yellow. He has been surprisingly strong this year even when the Discovery team wasn't around to help him. He certainly whipped all the competition, esp Ullrich and Basso yesterday. A lot of people now hate Armstrong mainly because he has been so successful---even Americans. Many were claiming that it wasn't Armstrong, but his team that won the six Tours. Yea, his team is important, but it seems unlikely that any other rider would have had the wins he did even with the same team. Since this is his last year, I kinda expect the popularity of the Tour---an thus the coverage--- to decrease in the US from next year. Then we'll hear all the US whiners complain about the lack of coverage. The same people who whine and complain about Armstrong.

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