Sunday, January 09, 2011

Joggers wobbling around chaotically

Apparently the conflict between joggers and pedestrians around the Imperial Palace is on again, according to NHK news. It has become so severe that the Chiyoda-ku government has decided to call a panel in March consisting of joggers and other residents to come up suggestions for rules for joggers. The government will then decide which of these suggested rules they will enact. Should take less than a thousand years.

The joggers reportedly spread out and take the entire sidewalk, run zigzag through zigzagging pedestrians who are spread out taking the entire sidewalk, or sometimes even get off the sidewalk and run on the road. In other words, joggers are jogging like pedestrians walk and mama-chari-ists and cops ride bicycles regardless of rules and laws.

Could it be that joggers are not jogging while reading e-mail and thus standing out amongst Tokyoites? And will joggers, unlike pedestrians and mama-chari-ists pay any attention to any rules that are eventually drawn up?

Will someone someday make some rules for the fine young ladies of the private girls school in Denenchofu so that we may walk down the sidewalk without being trampled by a horde of them?

Money is on "no" to both questions.

Edited Jan 11 as I cannot spell nor understand the difference between "horde" and "hoard."

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