Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lookin' for trouble and finding it.

Most folks around these parts go out of their way to avoid trouble, such as some idiot hanging around in back alleys in the rain taking pictures.

Others do not hesitate to look for it. For them, the NYT and Martin Fackler have published the second in the series on Japan (or is it the US?) and the "Great Deflation." Today, the never before discussed well-worn theoretical possibility of the US turning into Japan is explored in a nice quick way that answers no questions: U.S. Hears Echo of Japan's Woes. Could there be a better way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon in Tokyo?

I guess we should just be thankful that Japan is even mentioned in a major US newspaper.

31 Oct: edited to correct spelling as neither blogger spell check nor I can spell.

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