Friday, June 11, 2010

Futenma becomes interesting

Or at least the issues connected with it do.

For a serious discussion on the U.S.-Japan "alliance" it would be worthwhile---if the whole world has not already done so---to read this June 9 post at Shisaku and download the PDF and read it. Essays include:
  • Troubled Alliance by Kenneth B. Pyle
  • Return to Basics: Recalibrating the US-Japan Security Alliance by Michael Finnegan
  • Redefining the US-Japan Security Alliance by Michael Green
  • Alliance Endangered by Kent Calder
  • The 50th Anniversary: Time for a "Renewal of Vows" by Andrew Oros
  • A Short-term challenge to the US-Japan Security Alliance Putting its Long-term Heath at Risk by Yuki Tatsumi
Some of the authors should be familiar enough for us to know that they aren't taking the R. Taggart Murphy (below) point of view.

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