Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tokin' doobies

And folks say that only foreigners and their innocent victims use mind-altering substances* in Japan.

The Japan Times has proof to the contrary:

A total of 277,674 nonregular workers at 5,252 businesses will have lost or are expected to lose their jobs...

But a ministry official said things have improved... Japan Times: More nonregular workers out of jobs

And the export-driven recovery continues:

The unemployment rate rose to a seasonally adjusted 5.1 percent in April in a sign that companies are still wary about adding jobs despite talk that the deflation-ridden economy is trending toward recovery....

...only 48 jobs were available for every 100 people who were looking in April. Japan Times: Jobless Rate Climbs

*Mind-altering substance abuse does not include getting barfing-drunk several times per week with coworkers or customers. That's work.

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