Monday, November 30, 2009

Beware the winter wind

"Although the temperature is lower in northern Japan, in Tokyo there is no moisture in the winter air..." Yoko Tawada, NYT.

Now I know why Japan is the only country with four seasons. It is the only one on earth with absolutely no moisture in the air in winter which would mean no other country has a winter like Japan. Perhaps it's only Tokyo as the moisture has been displaced by other things.

No moisture in the winter air in Tokyo and no discernible fact-checking going on at the NYT.

1255: I am nitpicking though, the short opinion piece isn't bad.

It ain't winter yet, but Tokyo is already drier than Sapporo. At 12:45AM, Sapporo had 86% humidity, and Tokyo had 81%. Great Falls, Montana is a bit humid yet at 66%


  1. The humidity in Washington, DC today is 60%.

    It is a beautiful sunny day, but a cold rain is expected for the week ahead.

    Glad you are back!

  2. Thanks.

    (It rains in other countries too?)