Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Japan Times with an idea

Well, it may not be much and it may not be anything special in 2009, but someone at the Japan Times has come up with the idea of using YouTube along with some of its articles. See the interview with Donald Keene from the weekend if you ain't already.

After experiencing some of the unbelievably idea-less, unimaginative, risk adverse management here, this small little step is earth-shattering to me. They went beyond redesigning forms!!!!

Usually we just do the same thing that worked generally adequately at some distant period in the past and do it over and over and over and over. If it doesn't continue to work, we just keep trying those same things over and over, but try harder. Not all companies reach the level of a Toyota or a Sony. Wonder what the difference is?

3:30pm: Meanwhile, Mizuho’s dream of becoming an Asian equities powerhouse gathers dust, held back by caution and a slow-moving corporate culture. NYT "We" ain't alone.

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